Barrington Levy

I Feel Free Lyrics

Barrington Levy

You make my heart feel free feel free feel free
Bless the day I met you
Don't you know you make me feel so nice
All the little things you do for me
And make me love you some more
Really really gonna live it
Only you alone I love so much
Many girls are coming around
But only you know my destiny
Girl I know that you would never run away from me
Only you alone, know most things about me
Washing my clothes, cooking my food
So don't you worry 'bout the other girls that come around
Don't you know, you are my number one
You can 'magine that you are my number one

Doing my ups and down, take care of my little things
That I have running; you keep my place so clean
You'll never let me go on the road dirty
Yes, you are my wife, dooowoowooon't you know

Only you know, know most things about me
'Cause many girls comes around
But you the truthful one
So don't you worry yourself
About the other girls outside
Don't you know you are part of my life
Keep me clean ever time
So I love the things you do for me
I love the way you make me feel
You make my heart feel free
Girl you make my heart feel free
Free free
Make my heart, feel free

Don't you worry about the girls
That running around
Don't you know you're my number one
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