John Holt

I Wanna Dance Lyrics

John Holt

May I have this dance?
I've been waiting for this dance
All night long
And this night I'll always treasure
If I could have the pleasure
Of just holding your hand

(Don't you know) I ? my names
And curled my fingers, yet I, I was much too shy
I lost my nerve
When you danced across the floor
With another guy

(Don't you know) When he held you in his arms
With his manly charms
I knew my chances were dim
In order to get to you
There's only one thing I could do
So I go drink a few ??

(Don't you know)


I told him that a girl
By the name of Pearl
Was looking for him

And when I turned around
He was nowhere to be found
So here I am

(Don't you know) I wanna dance
(I wanna dance) I wanna dance all night long
(I wanna dance all night long)
I wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance all night long

(Don't you know) May I dance with you?
(I wanna dance) Oh-oh baby
(I wanna dance all night long)
Come on let's dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance all night long

(Don't you know) I wanna dance, dance
(I wanna dance, I wanna dance with you)
(I wanna dance..)
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