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John Holt Lyrics

  Name Year Popularity    
I'd Love You To Want Me Lyrics -
Fat She Fat Lyrics 1982
Help Me Make It Through The Night Lyrics 1974
Riding For A Fall Lyrics -
Doctor Love Lyrics -
Tonight Lyrics -
Which Way You Going Baby Lyrics -
Ali Baba Lyrics -
I'll Be There Lyrics -
Left With A Broken Heart Lyrics -
Sad News Lyrics -
My Eyes Lyrics -
Any Where You Want To Go Lyrics -
Stranger In Love Lyrics 1970
My Number One Lyrics -
Never Let Me Go Lyrics -
Morning Of My Life Lyrics -
Baby I'm A Want You Lyrics -
Mr. Bojangles Lyrics -
OK Fred Lyrics -
I Sing My Song Lyrics -
Stick By Me Lyrics 1971
Reality Lyrics 1983
Stay At Home (aka Ghetto Girl) Lyrics -
Too Much Love Lyrics -
Police In Helicopter Lyrics 1982
Time Is The Master Lyrics -
I Wanna Dance Lyrics -
Hey Jude Lyrics -
I'll Be Lonely Lyrics (feat & Joya Landis) 1968
Again Lyrics -
A Little Tear Lyrics -
Killing Me Softly With Her Song Lyrics -
Make Up Lyrics -
Touch Me In The Morning Lyrics -
Memories By The Score Lyrics -
(Living) For The Love Of You Lyrics -
Mr. Fix It Lyrics -
My Heart Is Gone Lyrics -
I'm The One To Be Blamed Lyrics -
Wild Fire Lyrics (feat & Dennis Brown) 1983
Nobody Else Lyrics -
Keep On Moving Lyrics -
It's A Pleasure Lyrics -
Darling I Need Your Loving Lyrics (feat & The Paragons) -
Stoned Out Of My Mind Lyrics -
I'm A Rover Lyrics -
Just Out Of Reach Lyrics -
White Christmas Lyrics -
Last Train Lyrics 1983
Lonely This Christmas Lyrics -
It's A Jam In The Streets Lyrics -
Only A Smile Lyrics -
Open The Door Lyrics -
Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday Lyrics -
Don't Leave Lyrics -
Chi Chi Run Lyrics (feat & Big Youth) -
I See Your Face Lyrics 1973
Private Doctor Lyrics 1983
I'm Coming Home Lyrics -
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Lyrics -
Looking Back Lyrics -
Can't Use Me Lyrics -
My Guiding Star Lyrics -
I Got Caught Lyrics 1983
A Love I Can Feel (1970 version) Lyrics -
I'll Take A Melody Lyrics -
Girl From Ipanema Lyrics -
Why Can't I Touch You Lyrics -
Let's Dance Lyrics -
Mr T.V. Man Lyrics -
Closer To Me Lyrics -
Maybe Some Day Lyrics -
I'll Always Love You Lyrics -
Chanting Lyrics 1983
Do You Want Me Lyrics -
Beach Party Lyrics 1983
Lost Love Lyrics -
Easy Loving Lyrics -
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Lyrics -
Time And The River Lyrics -
A Spaceman Came Travelling Lyrics -
My Oh My Lyrics -
Auld Lang Syne Lyrics -
Never, Never, Never Lyrics -
Sugar & Spice Lyrics -
Take My Heart Away, Teresa Lyrics -
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Lyrics -
The Further You Look Lyrics -
Saving My Love Lyrics -
I Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics 1982
Love Is Gone Lyrics -
Peace And Love Lyrics -
Hey Love Lyrics -
Be Wise Lyrics -
Mother's And Father's Love Lyrics -
Sometimes Lyrics -
Have You Ever Been To Heaven Lyrics -
It May Sound Silly Lyrics -
Silently Lyrics -
Tide Is High Lyrics -
Soolaimon Lyrics -
Long And Winding Road Lyrics -
One Pound Lyrics (feat Beenie Man & Cornell Campbell) 2004
There Is No Love Lyrics -
Still In Chains Lyrics -
Alfie Lyrics -
Have You Ever Been In Love Lyrics -
A Love I Can Feel (1974 version) Lyrics -
When A Child Is Born Lyrics -
My Desire Lyrics -
My Sweet Lord Lyrics -
Togetherness Lyrics (feat Dennis Alcapone) -
For The Love Of You Lyrics -
Let's Build Our Dreams Lyrics -
Knock Knock Lyrics -
Love So Right Lyrics -
Your Arms Reaching Out For Me Lyrics -
Write Me A Letter Lyrics -
Love Me Forever Lyrics -
I Believe In Father Christmas Lyrics -
Tribal War Lyrics -
On The Beach Lyrics -
Working Kind Lyrics 1970
Sound I Can Feel Lyrics 1991
You Baby Lyrics -
Do You Love Me Lyrics 1978
Youths Pon The Corner Lyrics 1982
Fancy Make Up Lyrics 1978
Tell Me Why Lyrics -
The Prophet Lyrics -
I'm Your Man Lyrics -
Just Let Me Know Lyrics -
I'm To Blame Lyrics -
Last Farewell Lyrics 1978
Same Girl Lyrics -
So Sad Lyrics -
I Don't Mind Lyrics -
These Old Memories Lyrics -
Hooligan [1] (12 Inch) Lyrics 1977
Love Divine Lyrics -
Just The Way You Are Lyrics -
Blue Christmas Lyrics -
I Won't Come In Lyrics -
Everybody Knows Lyrics -
Oh Girl Lyrics -
A Love I Can Feel [1] Lyrics 1970
Don't Leave Lyrics -
I'm Not Gonna Give You Up Lyrics -
Mr. Big Boss Lyrics 1982
I Won't Let You Forget Lyrics -
There's A Train Lyrics 1991
Satisfaction Lyrics (feat & Paragons) -
Fat She Fat (12 Inch) Lyrics 1982
Jail House Lyrics (feat & Future Troubles) -
A Love I Can Feel [2] Lyrics 1983
The Clock Lyrics -
Conscience Lyrics -
Where Must I Go Lyrics -
My Eyes [1] Lyrics -
Ghetto Queen Lyrics 1980
Hey World Lyrics -
I Hope We Got To Love In Time Lyrics -
Keep Your True Love Strong Lyrics -
Survival Time Lyrics -
Rainy Night In Georgia Lyrics -
Woman Of My Dream Lyrics -
Queen Majesty Lyrics -
Mona Lisa Lyrics 1972
Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics -
Walking Along Lyrics -
Tonight [1] Lyrics -
Your Arms Are Reaching Out For Me Lyrics -
Holly Holy Lyrics -
All The Love I've Got Lyrics -
I Can't Get You Off My Mind [1] Lyrics -
If I Were A Carpenter [1] Lyrics -
It's A Jam Up In The Streets Lyrics -
The Way We Are Lyrics -
You Touch My Life Lyrics -
In The Middle Of The Night Lyrics -
Too Good To Be Forgotten Lyrics -
I Will Lyrics -
Change Your Style Lyrics -
Stealing [2] Lyrics 1984
Stealing [5] Lyrics 1999
Riding High On A Windy Day Lyrics -
Strange Things [1] Lyrics -
O. K. Fred Lyrics -
I'm Your Man Lyrics -
Can't Use Me Lyrics 1983
After You Lyrics 1982
Brandy Lyrics -
Cherry Lyrics 1982
I Believe In You Lyrics 1982
I Just Called To Say I Love You Lyrics -
I'll Never Fall In Love Again Lyrics 1978
Last Night Lyrics -
My Eyes [2] Lyrics 1982
Through Blood, Sweat And Tears Lyrics 1982
After All Lyrics -
Everybody's Talkin' Lyrics -
I'll Take A Melody Lyrics -
Not So Close Lyrics -
When I Fall In Love Lyrics -
Lady Love Lyrics 1978
Peeping Tom (12 Inch) Lyrics 1983
Up Park Camp [1] Lyrics 1976
Private Doctor (12 Inch) Lyrics 1983
Body Language Lyrics (feat & Gregory Isaacs) -
Hooligan [2] (=Don't Fight Your Brothers) Lyrics 1974
If It Don't Work Out Lyrics -
I Don't Want To See You Cry Lyrics -
Build Our Dreams Together Lyrics (feat & The Heptones) -
Teach The Children Lyrics -
Stealing Stealing [1] Lyrics 1970
It's All Right Lyrics -
If It Don't Work Out Lyrics -
Make Up (=Fancy Make Up; Fancey Make-Up) Lyrics 1971
A Man Needs A Woman Lyrics -
If You Want My Loving Lyrics 1982
I'll Be Lonely [2] Lyrics 1978
It's A Pleasure Lyrics -
Peacemaker Lyrics -
Rain Drops Lyrics -
Rock With Me Baby Lyrics 1978
Dusty Roads Lyrics -
I'll Light Your Fire Lyrics -
Stoned Out Of My Life Lyrics -
You'd Better Take Time Lyrics -
Total Desaster Lyrics -
Winter World Of Love Lyrics 1976
You Mean The World Lyrics -
Hooligan [1] Lyrics 1972
It's Alright Lyrics -
I Can't Get You Off My Mind [2] Lyrics -
If I Were A Carpenter [2] Lyrics -
A Love I Can Feel [4] Lyrics 1991
Anywhere You Want To Go Lyrics 1976
Strange Things [2] Lyrics 1971
Everybody Needs Love Lyrics -
I'll Be Lonely [1] Lyrics -
Lucy And Me Lyrics -
Try A Thing Lyrics 1984
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me Lyrics -
Make This Young Lady Mine Lyrics -
The Same Old Thing Lyrics -
Sister Big Stuff Lyrics -
Trust Me Lyrics -
Come Out Of Mi Bed Lyrics 1970
My Heart Is Gone [2] Lyrics -
Sweetie Come Brush Me Lyrics 1982
I'm Not A King Lyrics -
High School Dance Lyrics -
That Girl [1] Lyrics 1982
Tonight [2] Lyrics -
You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine Lyrics -
Police In Helicopter (12 Inch) Lyrics 1982
My Heart Is Gone [1] Lyrics 1970
How Could I Leave Lyrics -
Got To Get Away Lyrics -
I'd Love You To Want Me Lyrics -
Why Can't I Touch You Lyrics -
I Will Lyrics -
Alfie Lyrics -
Sugar And Spice Lyrics 1983
Sometimes Lyrics -
Never Never Never Lyrics 1974